All jobs that are held in high regard by general public have one thing in common: high barrier to entry. If it is extremely difficult to get in, it is held in high esteem, even if the job afterwards is not that difficult to perform.

Examples: IAS (Indian Administrative Services), Mckinsey associate, etc., or in some cases even a software engineer at Microsoft/Google.

Another common trait to most of these jobs is pressure. One may have pressure at other jobs as well, such as backoffice operations, but since the barrier at entry is not high, it is not regarded in high esteem.

Coming to US for work/study from India was once difficult (financially and preparation-wise), but not anymore.

Also, one can choose to join at some place which many people have access to, but he/she will keep facing competition at every step and thus the career path will remain tough in terms of competition.

Looks to me like one can either struggle hard to get in and then enjoy benefits, or get somewhere quick and easy but fight for a longer duration to shine.


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