Ways to increase fuel efficiency

Other than the usuals such as maintaning good tire pressure, not driving fast, and driving to make use of brakes as little as possible, here are a few more based on my driving style:

1. Put the car on cruise at around speed limit, as much as you can, especially for long drives. And remember, higher the speed, lower is the mileage.

2. If you are going to be at a stop light for a long time, turn off the engines. I realize that this is not the culture in U.S., but is the norm in India. Idling at a stop light for 5 minutes can really bring down your mileage.

3. While taking exit, put your car in neutral gear (I drive stick shift) and let the car slow down smoothly from 55-65 mph to 25 mph at the exit ramp curve. This might require some practice. Do accelerate in between, if needed, to avoid honks from the guy behind you.


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